Top products showcased in 2018!

We decided to end our design section this year with a recap of the most sought after products shown throughout the year. 

Listed below are our top 5 products in order of popularity:

  1. The clear winner was definitely Ensafe Handrails. That grabbed the attention of a good majority of our readers (sorry about the pun!) The product has just been installed at Amana’s St George refurbishment project and is by all accounts a hit! If you need additional information go online to Black Crow -

  2. The next was the story on the Tokyo Street Library. A very simple and inexpensive way to encourage people to mingle.  I think in marketing speak they are called “Sticky Spots”. Always a great idea to encourage people to stay a little longer.

  3. A multi sensory Music Cushion came in third place. We have one at our office if anyone would like to trial it. This would seem to have been a hit as well.

  4. Coming in at number four was the calming effects of weighted blankets. What I absolutely loved about this product is that it looks great. So many things produced for our industry look old and daggy.  It’s good to see that manufacturers have started to make products that not only function well but also look good.

  5. Last but not least there was a lot of attention on articles and products around acoustics. It seemed that everyone was interested so we will be keeping our eye out for any new products we think fit the bill. The first article was about living in a noisy world but the one that seemed to get the most clicks was the Beetle Inspired Acoustic Panels by MUT Design for Sancal. Fabulous design bringing a sense of play.  Available in many different colours and designs. We can have fun designing them for you, just give us a call.

We are constantly scouring the globe for great products.  Rest assured that our team will continue to find new products to showcase in 2019.

DesignAmy Bosnar