Calming Effects of Weighted Blankets


There is a huge body of evidence to support the use of weighted items to help calm a person and there are a variety of ways weight treatment can be incorporated into therapy sessions and daily activities.

The product we would like to showcase this month is the weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is currently perceived by both consumers and staff as one of the most helpful of the sensory tools used by people during crisis states. For those of you who can’t sleep there is evidence to support using weighted blankets to relieve Insomnia!

The sense that is activated by the blankets is our proprioceptive sense, deep touch pressure stimulation. When you use a weighted blanket it provides proprioceptive input allowing your brain to relax more.

There are of course a number of products on the market but as you probably are aware de Fiddes Design not only wants a product to work but we are also interested in how it looks!! So if you are looking for something that is fit for purpose, feels nice, breathable, practical and looks good we would recommend you check out this site called “Calming Blankets”

Calming Blankets.jpg


DesignAmy Bosnar