Tokyo Street Libraries!


This month we would like to explore design in a slightly different way and think a little more creatively.

As our topic is about the “Power of Words” I thought I would highlight a wonderful library design that I saw in a park in Tokyo. Very simple, quite inexpensive to set up and yet effective both from a visual point of view but also as a way to attract the community to your aged care facility.

Put simply an old painted van, filled with books to borrow and swap.

This is obviously not a new concept as street libraries have been popping up all over the city and many in a very creative manor. It could be run by a volunteer and used by residents, staff and families and of course, depending where it is positioned on your site, extended out to the wider community.

Let’s start thinking outside the book, I mean box!!!

Happy reading.

Book Van.jpg
DesignAmy Bosnar