A Multi Sensory Music Cushion


All too often when visiting an aged care facility the noise from the TV dominates and quite often residents sitting in the TV lounge still cannot hear it. In many instances they are positioned either too far away from the TV or there is just too much other noise going on around them.

Recently I visited a trade fair in Singapore and came across an ingenious product called the Music Cushion. The Music Cushion is beneficial for people with hearing loss by delivering a multi sensory experience. The cushion creates a soundscape or a `sound-bubble´ around the listener to bring the sound of the TV closer without the need to increase the volume and potentially disturbing others in the room.

Apart from the obvious benefit to hear, the low frequencies, between 20 - 100Hz, correspond to brainwave activities and therefore have a positive impact in relieving cerebral circulatory disturbances, including the symptoms in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases1.

Awareness of one's body can become weakened for many reasons, for example problems with blood circulation in the brain. For hemiplegics and those suffering from other types of loss of sensation, the cushion can provide rehabilitative therapy. The sound waves from music makes the cushion vibrate allowing the person to become better aware of their body.

It also has a wide range of audio content to help people relax and reflect by listening to their own favourite music, church service, radio or audiobooks.

A cushion that allows you to hear and feel is definitely music to my ears!

Images courtesy of Taikofon

Images courtesy of Taikofon

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Image Courtesy of FinFonic

Image Courtesy of FinFonic



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