A Social Responsibility


Surely 450 Scientists cannot be wrong!  This month we are talking about sustainability. 

The latest UN report that was released last week revealed that 1 million species are at risk because of a range of human activities. I don’t know about you but I find this incredibly troubling and we should all be outraged. 

More than a third of the world's sea turtles have been found with plastic waste in their stomachs. Plastic bags can spend their lifetimes floating in our oceans causing harm to wildlife. When plastics (including so called 'biodegradable' plastic bags) do break down, they simply break into smaller pieces of plastic.

Change is necessary and we believe at de Fiddes Design that we all have a responsibility to try and do what we can individually and as a company. So we have started! 

Greenbatch is a company working towards building Western Australia's first plastic recycling facility. Surprisingly we do not have any plastic recycling facilities in WA. So that means that every time you put a plastic bottle into the recycling bin, it is sold to the global waste market and shipped overseas.

So we have taken action and we are just waiting for our newly ordered recycling bin to arrive and then it’s off to Mt Claremont with our plastics to be recycled. There are many great products that can be made from plastics, check out how 100 plastic bags are recycled into beautiful wireless speakers.

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