Sustainable Design Solutions


Sustainable and affordable, is that possible? Finding products that match both criteria is always a challenge and now with the release of the new UN report it has become essential that we find products that are sustainable. Thankfully there are a number to choose from that tick the right boxes.  Of course the other important thing to consider is the life cycle costing. In the long run does the product save you money as well as saving the planet!!

Flooring is one of those products especially as the quantities used within an aged care facility are substantial.

Most flooring products have a level of sustainability and therefore it is better to consider more good and not less bad when making a selection! This topic is huge but the main things to consider are:

1.      Cradle to Cradle

2.      Reduced toxicity

3.      Continuous improvement

The main philosophy behind Cradle to Cradle is to have a completely non toxic product that can be recycled again and again with no or little waste. In addition some flooring suppliers are concentrating on air quality improvements as a result of using their products.

So therefore we are not only doing our bit in saving the planet but ensuring that the product put into aged care facilities is non toxic for both the residents who live there and also staff who work in the environment.

There is a lot to consider so if you would like further information please contact our design team and they would be happy to run you through the options..


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DesignAmy Bosnar