Transitioning from old to new


As we are all aware, the Australian Government provides 4 standards and 44 expected outcomes for providers of Commonwealth subsidised aged care services to follow which will be replaced by the new Aged Care Quality Standards across 8 standards with associated requirements as from July 1. The numbers of unannounced visits this year by the Quality Agency are expected to increase significantly to provide assurance that the standards of care and environments are consistently maintained and not just at re-accreditation times (Wyatt, 2017). Did you know that de Fiddes is well placed to assist you with several aspects of both sets of standards?

Existing Quality Standards (up until 30 June 2019)

Table 1 _Standards.jpg

New Quality Standards (from 1 July 2019)

Table 2 _Standards.jpg

de Fiddes is unique in that it offers architectural, design, clinical and research services to provide an individualised evidence and best practice based outcome which addresses the operational, functional, aesthetic and consumer requirements of all aged care projects. 

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