Seamless Wall Protection by Altro!


Maintenance within aged care facilities is always a hot topic. So how do we balance the look of residential with the durability of commercial?

Encouraging suppliers to come up with a product that is more pleasing to the eye is always a challenge in our industry but I am happy to say that the de Fiddes Design Team have collaborated with a supplier to improve the colour range of wall and door protection. 

Altro Fortis Titanium 15 has been explicitly developed to withstand high levels of impact in busy areas. The material can be thermoformed to go around bends and corners for a seamless finish, meaning no need for additional institutional looking corner guards.

The other benefit of the product is it can be installed by using a double sided tape. No adhesives means there are no odours which is particularly important for renovations where people may still be living in the environment. It also means by using the adhesive free option your project installation can be up and ready in no time.

There are five colours to use ranging from off white through to latte and smoke with the 6th (Granite) not recommended for aged care.   

DesignAmy Bosnar