Does Re-designing Workplaces Attract Staff?


Do funky design features lure skilled staff to your workplace? Not necessarily reports Libby Sanders1.

People are searching for quiet or time out spaces in the face of rising work related stress. 

With up to 49% of the Australian workforce experiencing this situation, several organisations have recognised the need for zen-like zones and responded accordingly to support their staff to recover from cognitive fatigue and to reduce stress.  

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The design, materials, layout, and the use of spaces can all impact on task performance.  Interestingly enough, research into the ever present open-plan offices has conclusively demonstrated negative impacts on performance which lends strength to the argument of creating aesthetic, domestic, comfortable relaxation or time out spaces.  Spaces with acoustic control, appropriate lighting, attractive views, natural materials and greenery have all demonstrated positive outcomes for staff. 

Does this resonate with you? This could be part of a solution to improving workplace engagement which would then have a flow on effect to performance or service outcomes!


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