Beetle-Inspired Acoustic Panels by MUT Design for Sancal


It was extremely difficult to decide on which product I would focus on this month as there were many to choose from!

As we are highlighting the importance of quiet spaces in our knowledge section I thought it appropriate to showcase a new product called “Beetle”.

No relation to the Beatles, although the product does bring in a sense of play.

Image Courtesy of  Visi

Image Courtesy of Visi

Acoustics are always a problem in aged care and having another product that not only helps with the acoustics but also looks good is music to our ears. The added advantage is the product is textural so will also be good to the touch.

We hope to have a sample and costings very soon so please let us know if you are interested in having a look.

Mut Studio teamed up with Sancal in Spain and they have designed a range of acoustic panels that mimic the form of a beetle. Apparently they came up with the idea after meandering through the Natural Science Museum and decided to design something based on insects. The sound absorbing panels are textile sculptures based on oversized beetles. The project began as a result of the need to resolve the uncomfortable problem of background noise, overcoming the difficult balance between sound dissipation and decoration.   

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Images Courtesy of

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