Ensafe handrails grabbing our attention!


Getting excited about handrails is not generally something I would normally do! However, a new product called Ensafe has definitely caught my attention. 

Ensuites are normally dominated by stainless steel grab rails that look cold, institutional and resemble a hospital. 

Residential care facilities need to feel warm, friendly and inviting and the one area we find very difficult to achieve this is in the bathrooms. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to find a new product that has just been released called Ensafe. 

The handrail systems are nonslip and textured in aesthetically pleasing wood grain finishes. The other excellent feature is the high contrast so residents can see where the handrails are situated. 


Safety, comfort and good looks! What else would you want?


U Grab.png
Angle Grab_LH.PNG
Drop DownV1.png

DesignAmy Bosnar