Integrated Blind Systems by IG Blinds


We know that glare from windows is a major problem for residents. You would imagine this could be easily fixed by fitting sheers or window treatments. However, what if the glare was coming from a fire door at the end of a corridor and you are not allowed to cover the door?  What are your options?


A very clever option is an integrated blind system “IG Blinds” where the blind is fully contained and sealed within the glass panels of the door. This means you can still enjoy the wonderful natural light that is so often lacking in passages and you also have control over the glare.


IG Blinds are available in either manual turn knob control or battery operated remote control. There is also a very snazzy pleated sunblock blind that is manufactured in quality fabric and a range of colours. The benefits are soft diffusion of light, heat reflection or total blackout.

The other benefits are energy efficient performance glazing, AIG fire resistant and high impact resistance. We understand a range of glazing options is available.


We are still in the process of looking into different suppliers for comparisons but so far IG Blinds looks very interesting.  If you would like to know more see

Image Courtesy of   IG Blinds

Image Courtesy of IG Blinds

Image Courtesy of  IG Blinds

Image Courtesy of IG Blinds

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