Clipsal Iconic, Motion Sensor Lighting and Customisable features!


Technology is moving at such a rate and gives us the opportunity to present some fabulous new products offering a range of options to both clients and residents. 

Clipsal have recently launched a new product range called Clipsal Iconic.  It is a modern electrical accessory range that is easy to customize. 

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Features include:

· Changeable “skins” (covers) and “dollies” (on/off switch) for customization in a range of attractive colours allowing good contrast against a wall. The idea is not new but the ease of changing the skins safely at any time by anyone certainly is an advanced feature.

· A new Night Walk Skin that features an integrated motion sensor that switches on when it detects movement. LED’s illuminate the way when someone gets up at night.

· Pictogram dollies to personalize the switches with recognizable icons highlighting a wide range of functions.

· Translucent edges highlight the skin against the wall colour.

· Green indicator so you know when it is switched on.

· One of the most exciting changes is the programmed time clock via the Wiser Room app for 24 hour, 7 day scheduling. It is also capable of automatically adjusting with seasonal sunrise and sunset changes.


Like most products we would like to trial the range to see how well it works in a residential aged care facility.

We will keep you posted and see how much this new technology will cost and if the advantages warrant the outlay.


For more information you can view the Clipsal Iconic product video here


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