Meet Marnie


De Fiddes Design is thrilled to take on a new design intern, Marnie Cooper. Marnie is one interesting lady with a long list of achievements and career moves. As Marnie ventures into the world of Interior Design, she reached out to DFD to gain invaluable experience and imperative insight into designing for aged care, dementia design and retirement living.

We sat down with Marnie this week to reflect on her time here at DFD.


How did you go about approaching de Fiddes Design for work experience?

I was fortunate that it was through a network. Friends and colleagues knew of my career change and informed me of the opportunity.


Walk us through a typical day for you here at DFD?

Typically I start the day catching up on how the week has been, whilst being briefed on the current projects and given necessary design tasks. Mostly I have been involved in collecting and ordering samples along with assembling project boards.


How have you found your time at DFD so far?

Everyone has been extremely welcoming and friendly. Being in a smaller team has given me greater exposure to a range of interesting tasks. Staff are always open to share their knowledge and experience throughout my time at DFD.


Where do you see yourself within the industry in five years time?

I would like to be exposed to as many aspects of commercial design as I can. I want to continue to learn, evolve and be a part of projects that make a positive difference to people’s lives.


What is one key piece of information, advice or something new you have experienced or learned that you will take away with you whilst interning with DFD?

It is a fast paced environment, be willing to be flexible and adaptable. Working together as a team has great satisfaction in producing an end result.


Thanks Marnie!

Marnie is currently in her third and final year studying Interior Design at North Metro TAFE.

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