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"Deb puts her whole heart and soul into designing areas and really considers the residents wellbeing. I found her to be so thoughtful and personal when we went on our 'final inspection' of her work and I can really commend her for her attention to detail. The smallest things like putting seats with storage outside so we could store games or equipment for easy access is just so helpful. When you have a group of residents with dementia outside for say a walk and then decide to play a game we can just grab items quickly. At previous places I've worked where these minor details are not available you would go off to get equipment and come back to a dispersed group. It's not only equipment though, for example; Deb has placed garden care items like brooms, dustpans, hats etc. outside for residents to use which we have had at our other sites. The difference being the displayed and colours chosen make it so much more appealing for the residents. I can see that the residents just enjoy being in the various places. It feels homely, inviting, bright, fresh and HAPPY!"


Leanne Van Der Linde, Lifestyle Coordinator - Regis Hillcrest, North Fremantle | Client




"During a tour throughout the facility - Mandy & Grayden commented on how thoughtful and well designed the outdoor areas in Pearse were. Points of interest were the outdoor garden area with the washing line, post box and bird bath. Bird feeding a popular activity and creates a buzz when explaining and showcasing the PIEC&S program"


Shaniece Laing, Club Services Manager - Regis Hillcrest, North Fremantle | Client




"Very impressed with the beautiful sheer drapes throughout the amazing Regis building. Had a tour around and loved the place. I want to live there!"


Georgina Dugan - Regis Hillcrest, North Fremantle | Daughter of Resident


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