Longevity - Live Learn Work Play


de Fiddes was thrilled to be invited to join Curtin University in a bid for a Cooperative Research Centre. We attended the first workshop, joining approximately 10 other organisations, on 6th August and met the CRC bid partners from Queensland. 


We networked, brainstormed and participated in discussions on strategic directions for the Centre’s focus:  “Longevity – Live Learn Work Play” to see how we increase the opportunity for all older Australians to live active, productive and high quality lives. Unlocking the capacity, and meeting the varied aspirations of older Australians across all aspects of their lives, will better assure Australia’s future prosperity and help underpin the success of large and small businesses across almost every sector of the economy.

A wide range of organisations are coming on board across diverse industries, from start-ups through to multinational corporations (housing, telecommunications, health, transport, digital, smart city, local government, senior centres) to create Longevity Australia. There is a commitment to challenge the ‘ageing mindset’ and create change in society – all whilst doing good business!

We look forward to further engagement and we will keep you informed of the progress. Enquiries about joining this exciting CRC bid can be directed to Professor Anne-Marie Hill on:


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