Mid Year Design News And Trends

Well winter is definitely upon us and I don’t know about everyone else but I have found this year so far to be incredibly cold and wet.  I know we all have different ideas and perceptions of cold so maybe mine is because I’m getting a little older!!

This month the girls have been invited to a number of different and interesting supplier presentations. Tarkett recently had a speaker discussing Trends and Forecasts; interestingly one of the trends was about being green and sustainable which we featured in our newsletter last month. The other trends had to do with spirituality, technology and human comfort, talking about what we all love as individuals which, of course, works well with our subject this month focusing on “Identity”.

Another supplier presentation was at Torrance and McKenna in Osborne Park. Torrance & McKenna are a manufacturer that has been around for 80 years and their new showroom has just been finished. It is stunning showcasing a varied range of furniture including pieces from Cromwell. They are also manufacturing a range of furniture suitable for not only aged care but also hospitality and corporate. The other plus is their aged care range has been ticked off by none other than our own OT Samantha Neylon!! 

Happy shopping and keep warm.

NewsAmy Bosnar