Pleasure and Purpose right under our nose!


Familiarity and reminiscence products are something we are always on the look out for in aged care. One of the simplest ways, of course, is by using essential oils. However, you need to be careful about using them as they can be very potent.  Aesop, a brand that deals entirely in the uplifting power of plants, ran a promotion called “Purpose and Pleasure”. Their aim is to highlight a number of their products, not just for their efficacy, but also for their wonderfully evocative aromas.  If you’ve never tried any of Aesop’s products - then you need to.

Aromas are increasingly regarded by scientists and brand manufacturers alike as a seriously important factor in mood enhancement.

Oils are recommended for not only evoking memories but also calming the mind. 

With products such as Zao diffusers oils become simple to use. Zao diffusers are waterless and use only batteries, so they are both safe and transportable.

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DesignAmy Bosnar