Colouring our World as We Age


Daylight Saving has finally finished thank goodness! For any of you dealing with the Eastern States you will know what I mean and here we are nearly half way through autumn. A time to indulge in delicious figs, lime, ginger, pears and the list goes on.

This month we were asked to contribute an article in a new eMag called TILT by Build in Common. For any of you who haven’t heard of them Build in Common was created to EMPOWER, ENABLE and DE-MYSTIFY the process of building or renovating.

The two founders Justine and Pia are passionate about empowering and enabling consumers from all walks of life to navigate the renovation and building process. Their vision is to ensure that anyone can have the confidence to undertake property upgrades, building projects and developments to build wealth, security and financial independence. 

We at de Fiddes liked the story and therefore contributed an article on “Colouring our world as we age”.

I would encourage you all to go online and check out TILT and at the same time check out our article here!

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