Sunglasses with a Sound Track

Wearable technology is certainly becoming a way of life. We have headsets to treat depression, scarfs to protect us from air pollution and now we have sunglasses from Bose that bring a whole new level of entertainment to immersive audio.

Sunglasses with a sound track. A personal listening experience that means sound for you and only you. You hear rich immersive sound while others hear practically nothing.

We all know how powerful music therapy is in aged care and now we have a way to introduce it in a simpler, personal and non invasive way that doesn’t disrupt others. That certainly should be music to everyone’s ears!

They come in two designs Alto and Rondo, for a large and small fit and they are apparently extremely lightweight. Not only can they stream music, podcasts and information but they can take and make calls and access virtual assistants. Who would have thought that the make believe technology in James Bond movies and Get Smart would actually become a reality!

Bose Frames were released January 2019 for USD 199. The only hiccup is they are not yet available in Australia.

Whilst I think this technology sounds amazing we haven’t as yet been able to trial them but as soon as we do you will be the first to know.

DesignAmy Bosnar