Simple but stylish Memory Boxes

We know Memory boxes have been used in aged care facilities for some time but finding one that is secure, hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing is no easy task.

Memory Boxes are great for inciting conversation, recalling memories and reinforcing confidence for residents to find their personal bedrooms. For a person living with dementia, homelike or familiar items or objects in a memory box can especially help them recall people and/or events in the past.


A new design on our radar for its appealing form, removable shelf and Velcro friendly interior (no need for pins or blue tack) is the Dementia Memory Box. The personal display cabinet is secure and comes in a range of sizes and aesthetically pleasing finishes such as wood grain as well as a variety of paint finishes.  

If you are Interested in the Dementia Memory Box for your facility they are available through TMK Commercial (08 9443 9500) for custom enquiries.

DesignAmy Bosnar