Revillusion Fireplaces by Dimplex


Nothing epitomizes winter more than sitting in front of a fireplace mesmerized by the flames making you feel cosy and warm.

Electric fireplaces have been around since the early 1980’s and thankfully the technology has been steadily improving in terms of efficiency and beauty. They are a fabulous option for aged care facilities as they create the flicker of the flames without necessarily the heat component having the option of the flame independent to the heat allowing for just the look of a fire.  Even better - they have a low carbon footprint for the environmentally minded.

Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere as long as you have a power outlet.

Dimplex have a new product called Revillusion and it looks very realistic! It has a clear, unobstructed view through dazzling flames to the full brick interior which captures the charm of a wood fireplace but also adds to the ambience by the mood lighting customization, colour enhancement and flame effect that is independent to the heat. The product is available as electric firebox only or with 3 different mantels from traditional to contemporary.

Whilst indoor fireplaces are reasonably common why not consider fireplaces for the outdoors?  Australians love the outdoors and we have so many beautiful winter’s days where you could still enjoy sitting out under a pergola rugged up with a beautiful blanket, sipping on a hot cup of tea and gazing into a fireplace. 


When considering which type of outdoor electric fireplace is right for your external living space, your first decision will probably relate to location.

The major caveat for electric fireplaces is that they need a power source—unlike a modular wood burning fireplace unit, for example, which can be placed in any safe location within the backyard.

Another consideration for an outdoor electric fireplace is weatherproofing. Fortunately, many units do feature the ability to withstand inclement weather conditions but this needs to be checked with the manufacturer.