"Call Assist" New Facility in SA and Décor + Design


Every month seems to be a busy one here at de Fiddes and this past month was no exception.  

This month we visited an award winning facility in SA. This facility absolutely perfected the small scale design model within a vertical building - very impressive!

However, what was really outstanding was that there were no nurse call bells anywhere to be seen. The facility owners have created a system called “Call Assist” and it is the first truly mobile call system that I know of. Call Assist replaces call bells and mats with a simple wearable device similar to a Fitbit. This means that people can call for support from anywhere and staff knows exactly where residents are at any given time.

Technology is changing the way we think about systems within aged care and any advances that mean no, or less, locked doors has to be a winner!  

Kathryn and I also had the pleasure of visiting the Décor + Design Trade Fair in Melbourne. It is touted as Australia’s No. 1 Interiors Trade Event and has been an annual event for the past 15 years. The Fair was also co-located with AIFF (Australian International Furniture Fair).   

The reason we attend these fairs is to ensure that we build up an enormous library of different products that we can offer our clients. This year we are pleased to say that we definitely found some new and interesting products to add to our portfolio.

One of the most exciting products at the show was an extremely easy and user friendly gas lift dining table that was incredibly sturdy. We believe being able to adjust dining tables is becoming more and more important. Trying to find one that is sturdy, easy to use and affordable has been the issue. We believe we have found that product and hopefully will soon have a sample to show everyone.

Let us know if you are interested and we will let you know as soon as it arrives.