Moving with the times

Happy New Year from all the team!!  We hope everyone had a great holiday and Santa was kind to you all.

As we embark into 2018 we reflect on a saying by T.S. Elliot “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice”


How relevant is that in our industry?  Resident cohorts and expectations are changing and the product we deliver needs to move with the times. 

As a company we are constantly scouring not only Australia but the world for the latest products, technologies and advancements suitable for our industry.

We must also be mindful that every man and his dog wants to get a piece of the “seniors market” and therefore we are constantly bombarded with new products that suppliers tell us are “perfect for our industry”. We will not specify a new product unless we have the opportunity to conduct trials and ascertain its suitability. 



The other extremely important work we are doing this year is measuring products to check how well they work for the residents, especially in dementia. Does a product help promote independence or is it just another expensive gadget? Currently a lot of the information available is based on old research which can be contradictory. We hope to add more relevant information to the body of evidence based research currently available.

One of the projects we are trialing at the moment is the new wellness tapware range by Enware. We are also measuring the effectiveness of door murals on exit doors as well as personalised wayfinding for resident bedroom doors. We should have the results of that trial by early April so please let us know if you would like us to send you the results.

The girls in the design department have hit the road running and are excited about some interesting new products especially options for acoustic walls and digital wallpapers. 

Digital wallpapers give us the capability to design something specific for each project and ensure that our clients’ facilities receive an individual look. The team also attended a preview by Laminex of their wonderful new range of beautiful soft colours. Finally someone is listening to what we need – a focus on residential looking product rather than corporate!

We would also like to welcome our new team member Janine. Janine is currently our Receptionist but will be morphing into an important role and joining Anna in Havenlane. Already we wonder what we ever did without her!

2018 we know will be an exciting year and we hope it will be for all of you as well. 

We invite you to join us on our journey through 'InKind' and should you need any further information on anything in our Newsletter please feel free to contact Debbie on 0411 181 684

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