Really, Water Free Plants?

In our March newsletter we talked about the importance of Biophilic design. How can we get more greenery indoors? Well obviously one way is through artificial plants, but they are not real and whilst they give the illusion of real plants they don’t provide good air quality. Sadly, real indoor plants very rarely get looked after and soon look pretty scraggy and eventually die. 

Along comes Stem & Stamen founded by Fleur Anderson, creator of the FernPanel™. It is interior landscaping using preserved plants, merging landscaping with visual arts. The process of course is top secret but they work alongside founders of a non toxic immersion formula that captures plants in their fresh-cut state, where they remain for up to ten years without water and minimal upkeep. They are organic, acoustic, fire retardant and have air cleansing properties. The strong focus is on environmental conservation and indoor air quality.  Fleur wants to provide an authentic (there is that word again) economic, low maintenance, ecological and sensory solution to connect people with real nature where it would otherwise not be possible. I think that is a very big tick to aged care facilities where residents spend a lot of time indoors. Of course thought needs to be put into the design and locations.

100% natural, everlasting, maintenance free - now that’s my type of gardening!

DesignAmy Bosnar