Virtual Reality Goggles

We had the pleasure of meeting Marc Pascal, one of the co-founders of BuildVR, who brought along their Solis virtual reality goggles for the team to try. All we can say is that they are amazing! 

The goggles transport you into an environment that feels real and are a great deal of fun! Solis have a number of virtual packages available from aquatic, travel, animals, relaxation and adventure. They have been tried in a number of facilities in the eastern states. BlueCross The Boulevard, in Victoria, have trialled them amongst a number of dementia residents with some amazing results. 

Residents have commented, “Magic. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life” and “Reminded me of my life, when we had a boat and would go fishing”. The technology allows you the luxury of a brief escape from every day life and a 360-degree view enhancing the experience. We think a quote from Solis is very appropriate, “Give back the experiences to those that miss them most”.

The goggles can be rented before you buy which is a wonderful option. Contact Vanessa at de Fiddes Design if you would like to try the goggles as we have the pair in WA. Otherwise contact Marc at BuildVR direct on 03 8354 4140.