Mount art with ease. INTRODUCING HANGSMART!

Image/Video Courtesy of  Kickstarter

Image/Video Courtesy of Kickstarter

Most people enjoy viewing art and quite often residents will have many pieces of artwork or photographs they would like to install in their bedroom.  

There is always the struggle between maintenance and personalisation!  

So what are the options? Well you can drill and plug the wall but when the resident moves on it will mean patch and paint. The other option, of course, is a gallery style hanging system but quite often the artwork doesn’t sit flat to the wall and they can be complex to install.  

Along comes renowned vodka brand, Absolut, with a new product in development that will help hang art on your wall. Apparently Absolut are art lovers and multiple times a year they invite artists to collaborate and design bottle artwork for new flavors of vodka! In doing so they realised how difficult it is to beautifully display art. They have solved the problem with a new product called Hangsmart.

No nails are required and it just sticks to the wall using an adhesive that’s powerful yet doesn’t damage your wall. The product allows you to level your artwork and adjust its placement by moving it upwards/downwards or left/right after you’ve hung your painting and its quick!!!  

We will trial this product - including the vodka - as soon as it hits shelves, keep an eye out for the results!

DesignAmy Bosnar