Artist Abdul-Rahman Abdullah on collaborative artwork for Rosewood Care Facility

Perth Artist, Abdul–Rahman Abdullah, was happy to chat about his contemporary artwork installations following a fabulous opening of our most recent project, Rosewood Aged Care Facility.

The collaborative interior artworks and exterior sculpture complement the furniture and décor and create warmth to the building giving it a sense of home and identity.


Abdul-Rahman describes his approach to the sculpture and artwork pieces as a focus on the simple premise of new forms developed through acknowledgment of the past emerging from the idea of migrant identity changing to include positive aspects of new circumstances. The works reflect this in both material and aesthetic elements, bringing together classical European values with modern industrial processes, as well as a clear link to a Western Australian environment.

Abdul-Rahman emphasises that the works are an aesthetic statement that complement the style of the Rosewood facility. Given the locations of each piece within public areas, the artworks are intended to offer a visual appeal that contribute to the high standard of service provided by Rosewood Care Group.

On approach you are greeted by the striking exterior sculpture by Dawn and Phil Gamblen. Abdul-Rahman considers this piece as providing a basis for his own works, drawing on the Doric column in conjunction with the olive motif in a sleek, contemporary design. In addition, the exterior glass imagery suggests a modern interpretation of the mosaic tradition, incorporating a visual link with local architecture.

Three Screens  | Images Courtesy of   Abdul-Rahman

Three Screens | Images Courtesy of Abdul-Rahman

Reception Wall  | Images Courtesy of   Abdul-Rahman

Reception Wall | Images Courtesy of Abdul-Rahman


Abdul-Rahman describes his work an extension of this exploration, creating an original vector pattern based on the ornate appeal of Baroque tile murals developed throughout the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Using elements of the olive tree, Abdul-Rahman created a new composition for the Rosewood facility to be used as a unifying element throughout the interior works, maintaining a presence in high resolution printed glass seen in ‘Three Screens and Reception Wall’ and laser cut Jarrah veneer relief panels and polished brass as displayed in artwork titled ‘Lift Lobby’. Designed in repeatable panels, the Baroque pattern reflects the mosaic format of the exterior glass while suggesting more domestic influences such as carpet, linoleum and the neo-classical ornamentation of European migrant homes.


Bronze Table    |  Images Courtesy of   Abdul-Rahman

Bronze Table | Images Courtesy of Abdul-Rahman

Table detail.jpg
Lift Lobby |  Image Courtesy of   Abdul-Rahman

Lift Lobby | Image Courtesy of Abdul-Rahman


This is certainly evident in each art piece as you wander throughout the facility. The initial freestanding entry sculpture ‘Bronze Table’ Abdul-Rahman refers to as ‘completing the journey, created as a monument to the humble olive, the work references the kitchen table as the focal point of the home’. Abdul-Rahman describes the sculpture as being constructed from a combination of elements including weathered timber, decorative moulding and cabriole legs before being cast in bronze. It sits proudly at the forefront of the building, a grand statement and true reflection of the building itself.

On reflection of his work Abdul-Rahman describes the occasion as a ‘great opportunity to extend his practice with new materials and processes outside of a gallery context, bringing a sense of discovery to the public areas, with visual cues of pattern, texture, colour and the olive motif linking different areas of the building together’.

For further information on Abdul-Rahman's work you can find additional information here.

To view the full project visit Rosewood Aged Care Facility here.


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