Innovative Wayfinding by Google!


Signage and Wayfinding are key components of any large building and none more so than in aged care and retirement. 

We touched on the importance of wayfinding and the latest studies in our January and February newsletter. 


Google have installed the most amazing signage and wayfinding scheme throughout their Kirkland Campus. Interestingly, Larry Page, one of the founders of Google is a strong believer in the Montessori Method of learning and working, which emphasizes making use of all of the five senses and it was this ideology that inspired the design. Each of the buildings on the campus can be identified by a different texture, letter, shape and colour. The tactile quality invites you to touch the installation, because of the two dimensional element it changes as the light shifts from day to day and season to season. 

I believe we have a long way to go in introducing interesting, tactile and helpful wayfinding signage into aged care. This has inspired us to look at designing tactile wall sculptures that not only look good, are useful from a wayfinding point of view but are also pieces of interest for residents to interact.  There is no doubt Google are at the forefront of innovative design and I would like to think that we could borrow the concept, pull it apart, design something more suitable and introduce something new and cutting edge into the industry.

You can view the complete project images here.


Images Courtesy of  designawards

Images Courtesy of designawards

DesignAmy Bosnar